The following testimonials are from my actual performance reviews from supervisors and peers over the course of my career. I am totally blushing.

“She’s editorial gold”

“She has X-ray job vision”

“If we could clone her, we’d have ourselves a solid department”

“Her hard work and excellence are noticed agency-wide”

“Raises the quality of our publications through her excellent grasp of the written word”

“A pleasure to have on staff”

“A logical and stable presence on some very data-heavy accounts”

“So pleasant and agreeable, it’s hard to believe she’s an editor”

“Across all accounts, she has contributed to editorial excellence”

“Everyone she worked with had only good things to say about the quality of her work and her sparkling personality”

“In addition to her excellent writing, editing, and brainstorming skills, she has the organizational and multitasking skills necessary to assume greater responsibility within the department”

“She fully engages with the material, striving for consistency and accuracy at a profound level”

“Her skill set is as diverse as it is impressive”